About Me

For me, photography is all about capturing real, uncensored moments of life. Getting lost on the streets; letting the rest of life fall away and being in touch with the space and people around me. Watching for the spontaneous moments of beauty, humor, humanity.

I have been photographing at varying levels for over 30 years. With no formal photographic education, the majority of my learning has been self-taught, through trial and error, and observations taken from the work of amateurs and masters alike. My subject matter and style have evolved over those years. I have used a variety of cameras and I am most comfortable with small rangefinder, film and digital cameras. Their simplicity and unassuming look best fit my way of working. When I am at my best however, I consider very little other than the happenings around me and the camera itself becomes nearly transparent.

I have been fortunate to have been in the following exhibitions:

March 2017 – Letters to Sassnitz – Gallery 224, Port Washington, WI – selected work

October 2016 – Familiar Strangers – Studio 224, Port Washington, WI – solo show

June 2016 – Greetings from Wisconsin – Gallery 224, Port Washington, WI – selected work

July 2008 – One Year Later – Brewed Cafe, Milwaukee, WI – group show

February 2008 – Shutterbugs – The Art Bar, Milwaukee, WI – group show

October 2007 – Fear – The Art Bar, Milwaukee, WI – group show

April 2007 – Cream City Photogs – Bucketworks, Milwaukee, WI – group show

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