24 Hours, 24 Photos


I’ve wanted to participate in this event for the past couple of years but the timing has not worked out. This year the timing is right and I’m really excited for it. 2017 will be the 6th edition of the 24 Hour Project where photographers across the world document the human condition in their city for a day and post one photo per hour over the 24 hour period. The first year there were 65 photographers covering 24 cities and it has since grown to nearly 3000 photographers in over 700 cities worldwide.

My bud Jake immediately committed to the project when I asked him if he wanted to join me and we have decided on Milwaukee, WI as the city we will document. I’ve loaded up on extra batteries for my Fuji X100T and will rely on good food, lots of coffee and plenty of determination to make it through the entire day. You can check in on our adventure this April 1 (no joke!) by following both of us on Instagram and I’ll surely have plenty to share from the project so expect a followup post here as well.


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